About Real Food Challenge


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The Real Food Challenge (RFC) UW-Madison is a network of students working together to increase awareness and access to community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and fair foods in the campus dining halls.  Our goal is to establish a committee of students, academic staff, and Wisconsin farmers who will work together to commit to annually increasing procurement of ‘real food’ so as to meet or exceed 20% of food purchases by 2020. We are part of a larger, nationwide RFC initiative to “leverage the power of youth and universities to create a healthy, fair and green food system.”


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The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Food Services has a responsibility to purchase foods and products that are fair trade, humane, ecologically sound, or locally produced. Campus dining at UW-Madison should raise the bar for colleges around the country by directing at least 20% of its purchasing power towards foods that supports the earth, healthy animals, Wisconsin farmers, or the local economy. As a Land-Grant University, UW-Madison’s mission to “serve society through coordinated statewide outreach programs that meet continuing education needs” that are predetermined by the university’s land-grant status.

To learn more about the national Real Food Challenge visit their website at
Or watch this video about the Real Food Movement

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